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The most common statement l get from my potential Brides " Where do l start"


That is a great question and one that causes much stress and undue worry. Flowers are an accent and this must be remembered when deciding upon your style. There are many factors to take into consideration and l have always maintained that the best place to start is with the Bridal Bouquet and go from there.


By the time you are ready to choose your flowers and consult with a florist . most couples have decided upon the venue of their wedding, the number of attendants they will have and the theme and colors of their wedding. The Bride however holds the key to the puzzle and that is her dress. Flowers are beautiful things but they must never out do the dress. They are there to accent it. The plain gown can have much color and detail, whilst the ornate gown needs to be shown and therfore the bouquet must be in total harmony in size, style and color.  


The next thing to keep in mind is what you like in the flower kingdome. Roses, Gardenias, Orchids and so many more blooms are available and it is very impotant that you have what you favor.  Be sure to list your favorites before you visit with your florist. If you dont have a favorite, or any idea what flowers you want, dont worry. A good floral designer will be able to show you all in season for your dates and help you with pairing them to other floral choices.


Once you have decided upon the style and contents of your bouquet l then move on to discuss the Bridesmaids flowers. These are usually recomended to be smaller and less ornate than the Bridal bouquet, but at the same time totally in keeping with look and style.


Next is the Good man himself , the Groom. I always recomend that he has a Boutonniere that is a little more special than the rest of the groomsmen. Maybe a special flower from the Bridal Bouquet, or again a favorite of the couple. Groomsmen usually like the Bridesmaids have a simpler design.


Parents Corsages and Boutonniere can be decided when Mothers have their outfits. However, if Mom chooses a Purple gown and your colors are Peach and Ivory l would not recomend a purple corsage, but a Ivory one to remain in keeping


Venue and table decor is the last on the list. This is where a great deal of the floral budget can be consumed due to the fact that we are talking many arrangements compared to one or a few. It is important that the main factor is your personal flowers.


Lastly be upfront with your florist about the price range you want to keep to. Budget is important and as a florist l want to be fair to my couples and only suggest what l know they can afford. Dont get fancy ideas put into your head before you have stated this dollar amount. Also dont be embarassed. Your budget is your budget. A good designer will do their best to help you and give you as many ideas as possible to make it work for you. If you feel you are being over sold or uncomfortable, then go to another florist.


Lastly line up those pictures on your phone or in a scrapbook. The more visual information you can give the better job l can do for you.


With all of this information in hand you are armed and ready for a very happy and successful  consultation with your florist and on the road to the perfect wedding flowers.


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