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2018 has brought us many new and exciting trends to watch, follow and create.

So far this year l have seen some changes in both style and design and this is always a good thing. It means our industry is not stuck in a rut.

Lets begin with color....Purple, Smokey Lavender and gray are at the top of the list. These are closely followed by blush and ivory. Not forgetting Burgundy and wine shades

Bouquet styles are changing in a wonderful way. Brides and tending to want the new open and loose hand tied bouquet with lots of greens and staggered blooms. Round is no longer the number 1 choice. We are now seeing the open oval bouquet that offers a whole new look and opportunity to us as designers. Also cascade bouquets are making a comeback.

Venue decor is also shifting its look to the more structured designs in wooden containers and metal pails. Dont despair if you love the babies breath and single flowers in tiny vases and jars. Still top of the list for many 2018 couples

Flower choices are also changing. The smaller tight designs are rapidly being replaced by beautiful large blooms such as Garden roses and Peonies. Wild flowers also are a huge hit and so are the beautiful garden choices such as clematis and berries. Don't lets forget succulents. Oh they are showing themselves everywhere in the wedding world.

Themes are shifting rapidly from traditional romantic to specific titles and ideas. Country rustic....Industrial and rusty glamour are all in the running. Burlap and tin, Large metal letters that light up and slabs of wood decorate the tables with minimal floral touches. It really is fun to hear all of your ideas and wishes and even more fun on the wedding day when l get to see it all come together.


Wedding dresses are less tulle and bling, but more vintage lace and heavier fabrics. Sleeveless is still pretty and popular but many of my brides are telling me that they have sleeves of lace or sheer organza and vintage themes are topping the bill.

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